DBC Cares Business Grants is a way for you to relaunch your business by applying for $2500 in advertising to air on any of our six Lowcountry and Coastal Empire radio stations.  All you have to do is provide your information below and the process will be started. 

We understand that our communities and its residents, including our business community has suffered during this time and we have done everything we can to inform our audiences about Covid-19, entertain them with unique programming features, and retain their attention so you as companies may reach these people and invite them to do business with you. 

It is time for us to give back to you and give you our best work in designing marketing campaigns that will get your business back to pre-Covid-19 levels. 

We look forward to working with you.

Please fill out the form below in its entirety.  We will contact you when the grant is approved and begin to design your campaign to get you back at it once again.